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The company ORLEN Unipetrol Slovakia was created by acquisition of the business shares of the companies Shell, Conoco and Česká Rafinérska Slovakia. Our business objective has been to provide for the sale of refinery products in Slovakia from the ORLEN Unipetrol and Orlen refineries. The company carries out its steady sale of products on the on the basis of master sales contracts using three tax warehouses in the Czech Republic, two in Poland and two tax warehouses in Slovakia. The company has 45 permanent employees. 98% of the company’s sales are made up of diesel and gasoline motor fuels. The remaining sales sold include LPG, asphalt and other refinery products. Since its establishment, the company has had normally sold approximately 300,000 tons of refined products per year in Slovakia. Every year, its annual turnover has been between 350 – 450 million euros.
In 2011, the company started to offer refinery products for sale in Hungary. Based on total turnover, the company is among the 40 largest companies doing business in Slovakia. In terms of employee productivity, in relation to total turnover, it is number 2, and, in terms of the sale of refinery products, it also comes in at number 2.​
On 1st January 2016 Mogul Slovakia merged with ORLEN Unipetrol Slovakia.
Mogul Slovakia was founded in 1997 by Koramo, a Czech refining company, with the registered office in Kolín, the producer of oils and plastic lubricants of the Mogul brand. The main mission of the company was import, distribution and sale of the Mogul brand in the Slovak Republic. In 2003, after the merger of Paramo and Koramo refining companies, Paramo with the registered office in Pardubice, a member of the ORLEN Unipetrol Group became the 100% owner of Mogul Slovakia. Thanks to the aforementioned facts Mogul Slovakia offers its business partners a wide range of Mogul and Paramo products.

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