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Unipetrol posted EBIT of CZK +942m in 3Q12

25-10-2012  News

• Revenues higher by 5% q/q at CZK 28,438m • Net result positive at CZK 645m in 3Q12 • Increase in volume of processed crude oil + 11% y/y at 1043 kt • Benzina launched second self-service filling station Expres 24 in Hradec Králové

In Q3 Unipetrol Group results were influenced mainly by very good performance of refining segment, stable and reliable production, higher sales volumes of refinery and petchem products, higher refinery marginsand provision release in the amount of CZK 131m.Company posted an operational result (EBIT) of CZK +942m, with revenues of CZK 28.438bn in 3Q12. During the period company recorded net result of CZK +645m.

„Compared to the second quarter, we increased the company's revenues, mainly due to maximum utilization of refining capacities during the peak of motorist season. Moreover we posted positive petchem result due to increase in sales,” said the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Unipetrol, Piotr Chełmiński, adding: “The retail segment was rather weak due to negative unit margins development, saving behavior of customers due to recession of Czech economy and growing frauds with imported untaxed fuels.”< /em>

In the refinery segment the volume of processed crude oil increased by 11% y/y, from 941 kt in 3Q11 to 1043 kt in 3Q12, implying nominal utilisation ratio reached 93%. The refinery segment recorded EBIT of CZK +503m in 3Q12. The results of segment were positively influenced by significant increase of refining margin by 101% q/q and slightly higher refining sales by 3% thanks to maximum and reliable production as well as peak of seasonality.

Significantly stronger USD against CZK y/y also improved profitability of refining segment. High capacity utilization was partly caused due to lower total conversion capacity of Unipetrol refineries after discontinuation of crude oil processing in Pardubice refinery.

EBIT in the petrochemical segment amounted to CZK +295m in 3Q12, mainly due to significant positive effect of stock revaluation. Group sales of petrochemical products increased (+13% q/q) in 3Q12, to 466kt, mainly due to reliable production and customers’ restocking. Polyethylene sales were key driver of q/q positive dynamics. Company recorded lower model olefin margin q/q, though partly compensated by higher model polyolefin margin. In y/y comparison combined petrochemical margin stable. Performance of this segment was negatively influenced by still rather weak macro dynamics in the core markets.

The retail segment recorded a positive EBIT of CZK 146m in 3Q12, however helped by the release of provision (in the amount of CZK 131m) created in connection with fine granted ineffective by antitrust authority in 2002. The result was affected by negative unit margins development (diesel side driven) and growing frauds with imported untaxed fuels (as seen in increasing number of fuel traders). Retail sales volumes were higher q/q, though lower y/y mainly in gasoline sales due to recession of Czech economy and saving behavior of customers. In 3Q Benzina opened second self-service filling station Expres 24 in Hradec Králové and continued in building network of STOP CAFE fastfood restaurants. Up to now, 74 of them were opened. The company also continues to modernize its net of fuel stations and began implementing two larger projects on the D3 motorway near Tabor.

UNIPETROL, a.s. is a group of companies operating in the petrochemical industry in the Czech Republic. In 2005 UNIPETROL became a part of the PKN ORLEN Group, the largest oil processor in Central Europe. The UNIPETROL Group is oriented mostly towards oil processing, fuel distribution and petrochemical production. In all of these business areas the UNIPETROL Group is among the key players both in the Czech Republic and on the Central European market. The Group ranks among the leading firms in the Czech Republic in terms of its revenues, and employs almost 4,000 people.

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