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Transmission oils
The production of transmission oils has a long-lasting tradition in PARAMO, a.s. We offer a wide range of petroleum and synthetic transmission oils, from one-stroke to multi-stroke. They are used for lubrication of gearboxes and differential gears of modern passenger cars, trucks, buses and other machinery. They comply with the latest classifications and specifications (API, MAN, MB, ZF, GM DEXRON etc.). We also offer special transmission oils for automatic gearboxes of passenger cars and trucks – ATF type, as well as universal UTTO type oils for tractors.


Business contact

Ing. Tomáš Hrnčiarik​
Sales Representative
mobile: 0918 626 638

Mgr. Rastislav Franko
Sales Representative
mobile: 0918 188 966

Ing. Ladislav Agócs
Business Manager​
tel.: 047 451 3226
mobile: 0905 400 214

Ing. Ľubomír Václav
Sales Representative
tel.: 047 433 0563
mobile: 0905 839 778

Ivan Hruška
Sales Representative
mobile: 0905 400 215


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